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Какво е динамичен микрофон?

Какво е динамичен микрофон?

There are many types of microphones, and the choice of microphone plays a crucial role in capturing the nuances of sound, and in this article, we will explore the following with you:
1. Какво е динамичен микрофон?
2. Why are more and more people choosing dynamic mic?
3. What factors should be considered when choosing the right dynamic mic?

1. What is a dynamic mic?

Динамичен микрофон е вид микрофон, който преобразува звуковите вълни в електрически сигнали чрез електромагнитна индукция. Обикновено се използва в различни професионални аудио приложения, включително изпълнения на живо, излъчване, подкастинг и запис.

Анатомия на динамичен микрофон:

  1. Диафрагма: Диафрагмата е тънка, подвижна мембрана, която вибрира в отговор на звукови вълни. Когато звуковите вълни ударят диафрагмата, тя се движи напред-назад, генерирайки електрически сигнали.
  2. Бобина и магнит: Вътре в микрофона има намотка, прикрепена към диафрагмата. Тази бобина е поставена в магнитно поле, създадено от магнит. Когато диафрагмата се движи, намотката също се движи в магнитното поле, предизвиквайки електрически токове в намотката.
  3. трансформатор: Индуцираните електрически сигнали от намотката са относително слаби. За да усилят тези сигнали, динамичните микрофони често включват трансформатор, който повишава нивото на напрежението, преди да изведе сигнала.

Снимка от Quora @Дейвид Санти

2. Why are more and more people choosing dynamic mic?

  1. Трайност: Dynamic microphones are known for their rugged construction, making them highly durable and able to withstand rough handling. This makes them ideal for live performances, outdoor events, and any situation where the microphone may be subject to physical stress. FEELWORLD PM1 dynamic microphone adopts all-metal body, high-end and more durable, with stronger anti-interference performance compared to plastic material.
  2. Универсалност: Dynamic microphones are versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications, from live vocals and instruments to podcasting, streaming, and recording. They are well-suited for capturing loud sound sources without distortion, making them popular choices for various audio recording needs.
  3. достъпни: Dynamic microphones are generally more affordable compared to other types of microphones, such as condenser microphones. This makes them a cost-effective option for beginners, content creators, musicians, and performers who are looking for quality audio at a reasonable price. The fact of being resistant makes the FEELWORLD PM1 dynamic mic only $59.99 is also great for beginners!
  4. Minimal power requirements: Dynamic microphones do not require external power sources or batteries to operate, as they generate electrical signals through electromagnetic induction. This simplicity makes them easy to use and suitable for a wide range of setups without the need for additional equipment. FEELWORLD PM1 dynamic microphone offers the flexibility to connect both via USB and XLR. USB-C can connect to a computer, smartphone, PS4/PS5, or other mobile devices. This feature allows for easy setup without the need for additional audio interfaces or complex software configurations. It's an excellent option for beginners or those who require quick and hassle-free recording capabilities.Докато USB свързаността предлага удобство, XLR остава индустриалният стандарт за професионално аудио. Когато сте свързани чрез XLR, можете да се възползвате от външни предусилватели, миксери и друго професионално аудио оборудване за фина настройка и подобряване на вашия звук. Тази гъвкавост гарантира, че вашият микрофон може да се адаптира към различни сценарии на запис и да отговори на изискванията за висококачествена продукция.
  5. Отхвърляне на шума: Dynamic microphones have a cardioid polar pattern, which helps in isolating the sound source and reducing background noise. This makes them ideal for live environments where noise rejection is crucial for clear audio transmission. FEELWORLD PM1 utilizes a pickup pattern that is the cardioid pattern. The optimal range for pickup is 3 to 15 cm. Cardioid dynamic microphones excel at rejecting unwanted background noise. The cardioid polar pattern is designed to capture sound from the front while minimizing sound pickup from the sides and rear.

3. What factors should be considered when choosing the right dynamic mic?

  1. Полярна шарка: Consider the polar pattern of the microphone, such as cardioid, supercardioid, or omnidirectional. The polar pattern affects how the microphone picks up sound and its sensitivity to sound from different directions.
  2. Frequency Response: Look at the frequency response of the microphone, which indicates the range of frequencies it can reproduce. Make sure the microphone's frequency response is suitable for the type of audio you will be recording, whether it's vocals, instruments, or other sources.
  3. Чувствителност: Check the microphone's sensitivity rating, which indicates how effectively it converts sound into an electrical signal. Higher-sensitivity microphones are more responsive but may be prone to picking up background noise.
  4. Цена: Determine your budget and look for a microphone that offers the best value within your price range. Dynamic microphones come in a wide range of prices, so there are options available for various budgets.
  5. Съвместимост: Ensure that the microphone is compatible with your existing equipment, such as audio interfaces, mixers, and recording devices. Check the microphone's connector type (XLR, USB, etc.) and compatibility with your setup.
  6. Фонов шум: Dynamic microphones have excellent off-axis rejection, meaning they primarily capture sound from the front while minimizing unwanted ambient noise from the sides or rear. That’s one of the reasons mics like the Динамичен микрофон FEELWORLD PM1 са толкова популярни в студиата за излъчване, където естествената им изолация гарантира, че случайни шумове, като скърцане на столове или щракане на клавиатура, няма да проникнат в аудиото.
  7. Универсалност: Dynamic microphones can be used for various applications(Such as live performances,instrument miking, podcasting, studio recording, and gaming). Dynamic microphones are suitable for scenarios that demand durability, high SPL handling, feedback rejection, and focused sound pickup. Their versatility, reliability, and affordability make them go-to choices for various live sound, recording, and podcasting applications where clear and robust audio reproduction is essential.

FEELWORLD provides any dynamic microphone you might need. If you still don't know how to choose the best microphone for you, feel free to enter your problem in the Popup chat with us.


Dynamic mic recommended by FEELWORLD

динамичен микрофон

Тук са Динамичен микрофон FEELWORLD PM1 features,Само $ 59.99:

  • FEELWORLD PM1 с модерен и компактен дизайн, осигуряващ естествен, чист звук и богати функции. Подходящ за различни сценарни приложения, той е идеален за подкаст, певец, играч на игри и гласови актьори за запис и стрийминг на живо.
  • Built-in dynamic mic capsule help you capture deep lows, delicate highs, and crisp mid-tones.
  • Ultra-wide frequency response of 50Hz-14kHz present crystal clear and clean sound.
  • Cardioid polar pattern focuses on the sound from the front of the mic top and minimizes ambient noises, experiencing original sound quality.
  • Dynamic multi-color gradients RGB light effects, increasing atmosphere and making your streaming more appealing.
  • Plug and play USB-C output for connecting PC/phone.
  • XLR analog output for connecting audio interface, mixer, and other professional audio device.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack for real-time monitoring.

It's critical to understand dynamic mic and how to choose one, as it can make you more popular with a wider range of users in areas ranging from music and entertainment to broadcasting and content creation.

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